What's this?Edit

In order to reach the area where you fight the Werewolf you need to complete the Willow Creek story arc, which appears as a series of unlockable quests. This page will cover those quests.

Part 1 - Willow CreekEdit

  • Huh?

Travel to the Forest and kill Zardman Hunter/Zardman Grunt and the Zardman Boss.

  • Items required: Chieftain's head x1, Hideous tail x5
  • Rewards: 200 xp, 200 gold, Letter to Calafalas

Part 2 - Can you do this?Edit

  • Requires Letter to Calafalas to unlock.

Kill the Mosquitos and Frogdrakes right outside the Church.

  • Items required: Mosquito Wings x5, Frogdrake's Feet x5
  • Rewards: Church Seal

Part 3 - Backyard ZardsEdit

  • Requires Church Seal to unlock.

Go to the backside of the house and kill Frogzard.

  • Items required: Zard's Tail x5
  • Rewards: 100 xp, 100 gold, Westin Info

Part 4 - Attic SpidersEdit

  • Requires Church Seal to unlock.

Go to the attic and kill Spiders.

  • Items required: Spider legs x6
  • Rewards: 100 xp, 100 gold, Northrup Info

Part 5 - Storage SpeyedersEdit

  • Requires Church Seal to unlock.

Go to the storage to the left and kill Speyeders.

  • Items required: Speyeder eyes x5
  • Rewards: 100 xp, 100 gold, Southwick Info

Part 6 - Garden SnailsEdit

  • Requires Church Seal to unlock.

Go to his garden and kill Snails.

  • Items required: Snail shells x6
  • Rewards: 100 xp, 100 gold, Eastman Info

Part 7 - Dwakel ChiefEdit

  • Requires Westin Info, Eastman Info, Northrup Info, Southwick Info to unlock.

You now have access to the caves; enter the left one and speak to the Chief.

  • Items required: Nothing.
  • Rewards: Dwakel Info

Part 8 - Back to the Church again...Edit

  • Huh?

Get back to the Church and speak to Calafalas again.

  • Items required: Nothing.
  • Rewards: Tattered Journal

Part 9 - The mystery of SouthwickEdit

  • Handed out by: No one.
  • Huh?

Visit the Southwicks to find out more about the mystery.

  • Items required: Nothing.
  • Rewards: Southwick Clue

Part 10 - TempestEdit

  • Huh?

go left left left then kill the werewolf

  • Items required: Mystery Clue.
  • Rewards: 200 xp, 200 gold, Scroll of Thanks.

*Note: This is the part where you kill the Werewolf for the Paladin quest!!!!.

Part 11 - The bone?Edit

  • Huh?

Get back to the Werewolf and kill him five times.

  • Items required: Werewolf fur x5


If you got all the way down here, give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy your wolf. (:

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