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— Vordred when convering a living soul into an undead skeleton.

Vordred is a character in AdventureQuest Worlds.


The legendary Paladin Slayer called Vordred is an evil force who has been behind the disappearance of many paladins, having been responsible for turning them into his undead slaves. He also turns the players into his undead slaves until Vayle comes to the rescue and changes them back to normal with the last bit of power remaining in her creature shard (which was cracked by Artix's dragon spear in DragonFable).

It is revealed by Zorbak that Vordred was created in the Necropolis. And, as revealed by Sally, he was created by Noxus through the use of an ancient evil found under the Necropolis, and Sally helped create Vordred. Also, Vordred isn't complete yet - to become the most complete, invincible and all-powerful darkness being on Lore, he needs to slay Artix to make everyone in Lore undead.

He later attacks Lightguard Keep and tracks Artix to the keep's jail - only to discover that Artix is missing. Vayle reminds him that Artix escaped not too long ago and went looking to fight him. He has his undead minions surround her and forces her to hand over the Blinding Light of Destiny - only to find out that not only is the axe not actually powered by light, it also harms him because it's powered by the Spirit Orbs he freed after slaying each undead. Despite it harming him again, he manages to convert it into the ShadowReaper Of Doom, which he plans to slay the players and Artix with, and heads back to his base camp.

He later attacks Shadowfall alongside Noxus who enslaves Gravelyn to use as bait to lure the players and Artix to them. When Sally informs Noxus that ArcAttack was beginning experimentation, he sends Vordred to become part of an experiment with them.

The players arrive at CastleMania where they plan to have ArcAttack give him too much electrical energy to handle. However, the electric energy ends up making Vordred more powerful instead and he leaves to let Artix and the players come to him.

Finally, he faces off with Artix and the players show up just in time to help him in battle. While Artix charges an attack, the players fight Vordred. Upon defeating Vordred, Artix launches a light attack which doesn't work. Vordred strengthens himself by adding more skulls to his armor. After the player defeated Electric Undead, Artix commands the Spirit Orbs within the skulls and the ShadowReaper of Doom to attack and severely weaken him from within, leaving the hero to remove his armor and reveal his true form identified as Enraged Vordred. After a failed Voiduminance Necrot-Morph on Artix, he finds something he didn't expect - Artix is the real Champion of Darkness. Jealous, he summons his shadow in an attempt to kill them all, but the players use the Shadowscythe Amulet to transform Artix into a darkness dragon who proceeds to pin Vordred's shadow as Vordred is in his Shadow Vordred form. The players defeat Vordred, who makes one last attempt to kill them all, but is interrupted and finished off himself by whomever they chose to call for instead. Depending on the one they called for, it could be Gravelyn, Vayle, Zorbak, or Daimyo (whose ending must be unlocked upon selecting all three villain summons per fight).

  • Gravelyn would stab Vordred with the Noxus Head Staff as Vordred disintegrates. Gravelyn offers Artix a chance to join the Shadowscythe even though he would refuse. Gravelyn vows to finish what her father started once Drakath is defeated. She then gives the Noxus Head Staff to the players.
  • Vayle would form a force field around Artix and the players as Vordred disintegrates. Vayle wants to settle the score with Artix even though Edward would say there was no way to bring him back and departs after saying goodbye to her (despite changing nothing about Vayle's rivalry with Artix).
  • Zorbak falls onto Vordred. Zorbak then adds Vordred's helmet to his collection of skulls alongside Drakonnan's throne while the players would wonder who was the Champion of Light if Artix was the Champion of Darkness.
  • Daimyo would save the two by falling onto Vordred. Artix allows the players to keep the Shadowscythe Amulet. Meanwhile, Sally is saddened at the loss of Noxus and Vordred. Drakath appears and gives Vordred's helmet to Sally as she would vow to revive him and make him bigger and stronger by re-opening the Necropolis. This ending appears to be the canon ending since the cutscene ends with a "To be continued?".

Upon the players finding the tomb of Queen Lynaria Alteon and wondering how Lynaria's tomb got into the Necropolis, the players fall through the floor where they find Sally working on recreating Vordred. Sally activates a trap door which the players fall down as Sally states that Drakath gave her the power to reconstruct Vordred and that she is filling the Necropolis with neurotoxin nerve gas.

Sally succeeds in reviving Vordred as Chaos Vordred who has captured Gravelyn and the Noxus Head Staff falls into Sally's hands. When Gravelyn wishes that her father was here, the tomb of Queen Lynaria Alteon grants the wish which revives Sepulchure. When Noxus orders Chaos Vordred to stand down, Chaos Vordred goes on the attack only to be easily destroyed by Sepulchure as Sally and Noxus bow before Sepulchure.

After reality is restored upon the destruction of Dark Sepulchure, Gravelyn orders Sally to rebuild Vordred in order to use him in the final fight against Drakath. When Sally quotes "more skulls," Gravelyn tells her "more doom."

Vordred is later rebuilt and unleashed by Sally to help the players fight Drakath. Vordred is easily defeated by Drakath.


Vordred (In Vordred)Edit

  • Level: 30
  • HP: 37,190
  • MP: 100
  • Location: Vordred

Vordred (In Vordred Boss)Edit

Ultra VordredEdit

Ultra Lagtest VordredEdit


Vordred (In Vordred)Edit

  • N/A

Vordred (In Vordred Boss)Edit

  • Book and Wand -- Member Only --
  • Darkness -- Member Only --
  • Emerald Darkness Helm -- Member Only --
  • Emerald Darkness Helm with Hair -- Member Only --
  • Shadow Born
  • Dark Energy
  • Doomatter
  • Undead Energy

Ultra VordredEdit

  • Book and Wand -- Member Only --
  • Darkness -- Member Only --
  • Darkness Hood -- Member Only --
  • Emerald Darkness Helm -- Member Only --
  • Emerald Darkness Helm with Hair -- Member Only --
  • Fortress Shield and Spear -- Member Only --
  • Shadow Born
  • Shadow Born Mask
  • Sword of Sanctuary
  • Dark Energy
  • Undead Energy

Ultra Lagtest VordredEdit

  • Bone Rifle
  • Clavic Daggers
  • Spear of 100 Bodies
  • The Fibulious Sword


  • So far Vordred (In Vordred) is completely invincible. When the next part of the DoomWood saga is released, the players are supposed to do some snooping to learn Vordred's weakness. While many players try attacking him, each hit you produce will do 0 damage.
  • Voiduminance Necrot-Morph transforms living people into undead. It did not work on Artix in the finale because he (Artix) is supposedly the Champion of Darkness.
  • The spelling of his name has been fixed to be Vordred not Vordrid.
  • Anyone who's played DragonFable or participated in AQWorld's Birthday Live, Musical Event Weekend (10/10/10) should be able to recognize the ShadowReaper Of Doom. In fact, it's also the same weapon wielded by Undead Artix.
  • During the Doomwood finale, whoever finishes him off depends on who you chose for Cysero and Beleen to go find.
    • If you choose to backstab and betray Artix, he rewards you by turning you undead, and finally becomes the Champion of Darkness and unleashes an undead apocalypse upon the entire world, granting access to the Bad Ending Shop.
  • His Sword will be obtained only by buying The Doomwood Expansion Pack.
    • Interestingly enough the hilt of The Sword has a blue thing while the NPC and Monster version lacks the blue thing.

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