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Male Rogue.


Female Rogue.

Description: A class of Adventure Quest Worlds which focuses on DOT (damage over time). Also one of the 4 starting classes in the game.


Auto Attack Auto Attack. Default Attack. Continuous attack until player or monster is dead.

  • Costs: None. Obtained as default
  • Cooldown:None.

RogueViper'sKiss Viper's Kiss. Default Attack. Instantly causes 50% Weapon Damage and apply a poison dealing 20% WDPS ([100xWDPS]) over 10 seconds.

  • Costs: 20 MP.
  • Cooldown: none .

RoguePunctureopportunity strike. Obtained at Rogue Rank 2. Puncture the target's armor, deals damage based on how much time is left on viper's kiss.(less time equals more dmage)

  • Costs: 10 MP.

Footwork Footwork. Obtained at Rogue Rank 4. (NYI - Speed Reduction) Increases your chance to dodge by 30% for 8 seconds and also increases your attacking speed by 0.5 Seconds.

  • Costs: 8 MP.
  • Cooldown: none

Concealed Blade Concealed Blade. Obtained at Rogue Rank 5.causes your attacks to do more damage based on remaining hp (40% or lower)

  • Costs: 10 MP.
  • Cooldown: none

This skill set is also used by classes Alpha Pirate, Pirate, and Barber

Passive AbilitesEdit

Rogues gain Mana when they:

  • Strike an enemy (Critical Hits gives you more Mana)
  • Dodge an attack

Rogues gain HP when they

  • Dodge an Attack

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