Mana Golem

Mana Golem

The Mana Golem is the seventh Chaos Beast in AdventureQuest Worlds.


The Mana Golem, much like Ledgermayne, is a being made of magic. It was crafted by magi long ago as a last resort but proved far too dangerous to control, fully destroy or even allow to exist, and thus was moved to the Para-Elemental Plane of Magic where it could do no harm if it were to be awoken from its unnatural slumber. Naturally, Drakath and Ledgermayne went to work preparing the Golem while the players were running around reconnecting the Cloister to the portal leading to the para-elemental plane.

Later, Ledgermayne awakened the Golem under its control telling it to continue feeding off the mana of Lore until all mana was returned to the plane. Of course, that plan failed without being launched as the players fought against and destroyed the Mana Golem.




  • The Mana Golem looks strikingly like the Mana Elemental with legs and a large toothy grin.

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