The Chaos Beasts are a group of monsters in AdventureQuest Worlds.


There are a total of 13 Chaos Beasts. Each beast is summoned by one of the 13 Lords of Chaos.

The Span saga revealed that there is another type of Chaos Beast called Proto-Chaos Beast which are used as resources to create a Chaos Beast.

Chaos BeastsEdit

Proto-Chaos BeastsEdit

  • Carnax is the first of three Proto-Chaos Beasts, who serves as the final opponent for the players' AQ Lesson. He first appeared in the original AdventureQuest.
  • Fluffy the Dracolich is the second of the three Proto-Chaos Beasts, who serves as the final opponent for the players' DF Lesson. He first appeared in DragonFable.
  • The Crystal Dragonoid is the third and last of the three Proto-Chaos Beasts, who serves as the final opponent for the players' MQ Lesson. It first appeared in MechQuest.

Battle LocationEdit


  • They are needed to activate an archway.
  • So far Kathool Atchoo is the only living Chaos Beast.
  • A symbol is highlighted on the archway every-time a Chaos Beast has been summoned.
  • Most Chaos Beasts resemble a creature from mythology except for the Dracowerepyre and Pony Gary Yellow
  • The Hydra Head's official name is Lake Hydra.
  • The Second Chaos Beast was summoned by the Third Lord Of Chaos and etc.
  • According to the design notes, there was a part in the Book of Lore that talked about how the Mother of All Monsters was sealed away by dragons. The activation of all 13 archways via the 13 Lords of Chaos' summonings of all 13 Chaos Beasts may result in the resurrection of the mother of all Monsters.
  • An attempt at raising a Chaos Beast was done once by Exos, who wanted to become a Chaos Lord.
  • The Museum has quests given by Valencia that let you unlock statues of the different Chaos Beasts when you complete them by earning their Chaos Beast trophies upon defeating each of them. After the trophies are collected, the players can click on the fight them again to warp to where they are.
  • Almost all Chaos Beasts show signs of chaorruption, the only exceptions are Dracowerepyre and Mana Golem.
  • Both Dracowerepyre and Pony Gary Yellow are the only Chaos Beast with the same color as the Red Dragon.


Chaos BeastsEdit

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